How to uninstall the Trello desktop app

Whether you're troubleshooting a performance problem or want to move to the web app, removing the Trello desktop app is as easy as using the default "Remove Programs" tool on windows, or deleting the app from your "Applications" folder on a Mac. To fully remove the app and app data from your system, use the steps below.


1. Open Finder on macOS


2. Click on Applications on the left sidebar


3. Search for “Trello,” drag it to the trash bin or click with the right mouse button, and select Move to Trash.

4. Go to your system's container directory ( Finder Go Go to Folder ... "~/Library/Containers/")


5. Delete the folder Trello by dragging it to the trash bin. Or click with the right mouse button and select Move to Trash.


  1. Go to the Start menu SettingsAppsSearch for “Trello.”

  2. Now click on Uninstall.

This should remove the app entirely from your system. Allowing you to reinstall it.

Exporting logs

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app doesn't resolve a problem and the Trello Support Team will need a little more information from your app. You can export your logs by clicking "Help", then choose "Export logs". Attach this log to your support case or in your next reply!


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