Mobile card cover settings

This feature is in the testing phase. While we're testing it, some users will have this feature available in our mobile apps. If you don’t see this feature now, hang tight while we continue to roll it out to all users.

Enhance your board with images, visual cues, and memes using card covers -- available in our iOS and Android mobile apps!

Card cover settings give you a way to customize the image or color that appears on the front of a card. You can select from an image that is already an attachment on the card, start fresh with a new image upload.


Adding a card cover

Creating a new card with a cover

From the board view, you'll see a card cover icon at the bottom of your list. Tap the card cover icon to select an image from your device. This image will be used to create a new card with the image displayed as the card cover.

iOS view


Android view


Adding a cover to an existing card

On an existing card on your board, you can create a card cover by tapping the card cover icon at the top of the board, or by adding a new attachment to the card, or by tapping on an existing attachment on a card.

iOS view



This icon indicates the image is set as the card cover

Android view


Removing a card cover

Remove a card cover by opening the card, tapping on the card cover or attachment, and tapping the 3 dot (...) menu icon, and tapping on the Remove option.

iOS view

Android view


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this feature? 

Users with  iOS Version 13 or higher and Android Version 6.0 or higher with the latest version of the Trello app installed. 

Can I use this offline? 

Not yet. We're still working on this. Stay tuned!

How do card covers work when using Trello in a browser?

Check out this help doc for more information about using card covers in a supported browser.

Does Trello support WEBP, HEIC, or TIFF formats?

Not at this time!

Troubleshooting and Support

Have any feedback, questions, or problems with card cover settings in Trello's mobile app? Check out the FAQ section first, otherwise, feel free to reach out to our team at


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