What are Enterprise data restrictions?

Trello Enterprise is designed to keep Enterprise data from leaving, or being created in Workspaces outside the Enterprise. These data restrictions can’t be disabled or modified, and fall into two categories:

Move and copy restrictions

Boards, lists, and cards in Enterprise Workspaces can only be copied or moved to other Enterprise Workspaces.

Boards, lists, and cards outside of Enterprise Workspaces can be moved or copied freely. Once something is moved into an Enterprise Workspace, it can’t be moved or copied out of the Enterprise.

Enterprise Workspaces can’t be removed from an Enterprise.

Guests on boards in Enterprise Workspaces can only move and copy lists and cards within the same board, even if they are guests on other boards in the Enterprise.

Creation restrictions

Free managed users, and unmanaged users with an Enterprise license have very few restrictions. They can create Workspaces, boards, lists, and cards outside of the Enterprise.

A person that is managed and has an Enterprise license has the most restrictions. They can only create boards and Workspaces in the Enterprise. If they are invited to a board in a Workspace outside the Enterprise, they can create cards there.

When a user chooses to create an Enterprise Workspace, it will create a Free Workspace with a pending join request that must be approved by the Enterprise admin before it becomes an Enterprise Workspace.

Enterprise admins can also choose to approve join requests automatically.

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