Board guests

A Guest is a board member that is not a member of the board’s Workspace.

Workspace membership is the default way to collaborate with other Trello users, but there are some situations where teams may prefer not to add a user to their Workspace.

For example, some teams collaborate on a one-off basis with outside contractors, interns, or clients. These collaborators may only need access to a specific board in the Workspace.

If a user is invited to two or more boards in a Workspace they’re called a multi-board guest. Check out our article on multi-board guests to learn more about the billable members on your Standard and Premium Workspace boards.

Board guests will also count as Collaborators in your Workspaces. You can find out more about this here.

Invite a Guest to your board

To invite a guest to your board, invite them normally to the board as a member or Observer (Premium only) using their Trello username or email address. 

Invite board guest

What can a guest do? 

A guest is a normal board member by default and can make changes to the board just like other normal board members. Premium and Enterprise Workspaces can also turn a guest into a read-only observer for more granular control over a guest's ability to edit the board.

What can a guest see?

Guests can only see the Workspace board to which they are invited; they can’t see any other Workspace boards. There isn't a way to restrict someone from seeing some cards and all board members, including guests, can see all cards on the board.

Remove a guest

To remove a Guest from a Workspace, remove them from the board(s) they’ve been added to.

Guest types and cost

While all guests are free on free Workspace boards, guests on Premium and Standard Workspace boards can incur an additional charge.

  • Free guest: A person is is invited to a single board in a Workspace is a single-board guest. This user is not billable.

  • Billable guest: A board member who is on two or more Standard or Premium Workspace boards is a multi-board guest of that Workspace. Multi-board guests are billed at the same rate as a normal Workspace member and consume a seat license.

Why are some guests billable?

Trello provides an identical shared view to all board members, regardless of their association to the Workspace, and board guests can see and use most of the paid features that come with your Standard or Premium subscription.

Guests features in a paid Workspace

Guests have the same features available as other members when in a Standard or Premium Workspace. The only features that are not available for guests are creating and editing collections and making the board into a template.

Workspace membership request

Guests have the option to submit a Workspace membership request. If their request is approved by a Workspace admin, they are converted to a Workspace member. More about Workspace membership requests can be found here.

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