Setting the visibility of a Workspace


Workspace admins can change a Workspace's visibility with the Workspace Settings page. To begin, go to your Workspace and select the Settings dropdown option from within the sidebar. Click on Workspace settings and look for Workspace visibility. In this section, select Change. You’ll be prompted to select the visibility of your Workspace. The options are Private (always the default) or Public.

Private Workspaces

Private Workspaces will not show up on your profile, or on search results, when other users look for it. If your boards have sensitive information, you may want to set this Workspace as private so that only its members can collaborate with its contents and boards.

Public Workspaces

Public Workspaces are open to everyone. In order for a Workspace to be Public, a Workspace admin must enable this selection. This Workspace will be found in search engines such as Everyone will be able to view the members of this Workspace, and its list of public boards.

NOTE: Although the Workspace is considered public, boards that are set as private in the Workspace won’t be visible to external users. 

Workspace setting

Organization-visible Workspaces

Note: View this guide to see if your organization-visible Workspaces are available to you. If you’re still not seeing this feature in Trello, check back at a later date.

This feature is only available to Trello users who are logged in with a business domain (not using a public email provider such as or

Setting a Workspace to be visible to people in your organization can increase collaboration and discoverability of shared Workspaces. If you are a Workspace admin logged in with a business domain, you can set its visibility in Workspace settings or in your organization.

Workspace visibility

Organization-visible Workspaces will be seen by all users logged in with your company’s email domain (e.g.,, In other words, people in your organization who are not as member of this Workspace, will be able to see this Workspace’s name, but not its contents and boards. You can invite them or have them request to join the Workspace to explore its boards, members, and contents.

Request to join

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