Removing people from a Workspace

You must be an admin of the Workspace to remove other Workspace members.

To remove a member from a Workspace, go to the Workspace members page, and select "Remove..." to the right of their avatar. This member will also receive a notification that they were removed from the Workspace.

In a free or Standard Workspace, when you remove a member, this will not remove them as a member of boards within the Workspace. It will only remove their access to the Workspace – you will need to manually remove them from Workspace boards.

Removing yourself from a Workspace

You will always be able to remove yourself from a Workspace. Scroll down until you find your own username, where the "Remove..." button will be replaced by a "Leave..." button. If you are the only admin of a Workspace, you will need to make someone else an admin before you can leave or delete the Workspace.

Removing users with Premium

Organizations that have Trello Premium have several additional options when removing members from a Workspace.

By default, when you select the option to remove someone from the Workspace, the checkbox to remove the member from all boards within the Workspace will be checked.

You can uncheck this box so they remain a board member on those boards – this will convert them into a board guest. If they are a board member on more than one board, they will be considered a multi-board guest and are billed at the same rate as a normal Workspace member.

In addition to the option of removing a member from all the boards within the Workspace, you also have the ability to deactivate users.

Deactivating a user will remove the user's access from the Workspace and the boards within the Workspace, but you're still able to see the cards to which the user belonged. This is helpful when trying to re-assign a member's work when one of your colleagues leaves. Deactivating a member will not send them a notification.

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