What is an Enterprise admin?

Enterprise Members with enterprise admin status can do the following:

  • Enterprise level actions

    • View all content on the Enterprise Dashboard

    • Set and edit cascading enterprise wide settings (e.g., enterprise wide permissions, attachment restrictions, etc.)

    • Give or revoke enterprise administrator status for any enterprise member

  • Workspace level actions

    • View all Workspaces within an enterprise

    • Upgrade Workspaces to enterprise

    • Approve or deny pending Workspace upgrades to enterprise

    • Add or remove members on all enterprise Workspaces

    • Edit names and descriptions of all enterprise Workspaces

  • Board level actions

    • Automatic board admin rights for all boards within enterprise Workspaces (i.e., control of all board settings including close board, edit title, etc.)

    • Make any member of any enterprise board a board admin

Viewing Enterprise administrators

To view all members with Enterprise Administrator permissions:

  1. From the Members page on the Enterprise Dashboard, click the Admin Status filter.

  2. In the Admin Status filter options, select Enterprise Admin. This will filter out all members without Enterprise Administrator permissions from your current view.

Assigning Enterprise admin status

Admin status can be assigned to any licensed member of the Enterprise.

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