Using the Voting Power-Up

When the Power-Up is enabled, any member of the board will be able to vote on the cards on that board. These members will see a "Vote" button on each card back under "Actions."

Adding / Removing a Vote

People can vote on cards by clicking the "Vote" button on the card back (double-click the card). The button will appear green if you have voted for the card. Clicking again will remove your vote. Hovering over a card and clicking "v" will also add or remove a vote.


To view a list of voters, click the vote tally box beneath the card title on the card back.



You can control who can vote on your cards:

  • board members only

  • board members and observers

  • members of the board's Workspace

  • or the public

Access the voting settings by clicking on the Power-Ups button at the top of the board > Voting > Edit Power-Up Settings > Who is allowed to vote on cards? 

Options will vary depending on board visibility and Workspace type. 


Additional Help