What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups and integrations allow you to bring additional features to your boards and integrate your favorite apps right into Trello. They can pull information and data from outside services directly into Trello, giving you clear perspective on your favorite tools for work. Power-Ups will help you meet your unique Trello needs!

What is the difference between Power-Ups and integrations?

Not much! They're very similar. You can think of both as ways to bring additional features or information into your Trello account. Integrations tend to bring information into Trello or send it to another service. Power-Ups can do that too, but they don't necessarily have to - they may simply add an extra feature to your board!

Many Power-Ups and integrations are free, while others have service costs that come from the third-party developers that create and maintain them.

Ready to get started? 

You can search all available Power-Ups, or search for integrations in our integrations directory as well! When you find one you want to try, learn how to enable Power-Ups on your boards here

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