Organization insights

Organization insights is an Atlassian Administration tool that provides data on active users, across your Atlassian product suite. View data for your active Trello users, along with a break down for different pricing plan. These metrics will help you make the most informed budgeting decisions, and provide insights to where additional licensing and security measures may be needed.  


Organization insights provides visibility into your active users of Trello, Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management.  

Before you begin, log in to your Enterprise admin dashboard as an Enterprise admin. Under Account administration, select Insights. This link will then direct you to Organization insights in your Atlassian organization. 


Not seeing the Insights link? Check out troubleshooting steps below.  

Active users 

Active users are defined as users who have logged into Trello at least once, within the selected date range. This data represents all Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise users who logged in with an email on a domain that is claimed by your Atlassian organization.


In the unlikely event that data is not available, you will see a dotted line representing the missing period for data. Whenever no data is shown, the dotted line would go to zero, but this does not indicate you have no users for that day.

Active Trello users by pricing plan

This diagram shows a drill down of user activity by pricing plan. If a user has upgraded from one pricing plan to another, they will be represented for their time in each tier. For example, let's say you are looking at active users for December.  If a free user upgrades to Enterprise on December 9th, they will be counted as a free user from December 1st- 8th, and as an Enterprise user from December 9th-31st.


Why aren’t I seeing data for some of my users? 

Data will only appear for active Trello users that are on a managed domain. If you have enterprise users who are not included in this data, verify that these users logged into Trello with a managed domain. 


If you are having trouble viewing the Insights page, verify that you meet the following requirements: 

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