Filtering the Enterprise User Management Dashboard

The  stats box on the Enterprise member management dashboard gives an overview of all of the members and associates of an enterprise. Filters allow for Enterprise admins to see a list of the Trello users who correspond to those numbers, and to manage them singly or in bulk.

Filters on your Admin dashboard

Using filters

To filter, select the criteria that you want to use from the drop-down menu:

  • Workspaces - Filter by what Workspace(s) a member is in

  • Mananged - Filter by billable Enterprise Workspace members, non-Workspace collaborators, or those who have SSO credentials associated with your enterprise but aren't a member of any Workspaces or boards.

  • Activity- Filter by users who have been inactive by 30, 60, 90, 180, or 360 days.

  • Admin status- Filter by admin type (Enterprise or Workspace admins) .

If you pick multiple options from one of the drop-down menus (such as two Workspaces) the filter will show everyone who meets either one of those criteria. If you pick options from multiple drop down menus (such as one Workspace and the active status) the filter will show everyone who meets both of those criteria.

Filters will show as green when they are being used:

Clearing filters

To remove a single filter option, click on the menu and uncheck the checkbox or click "deselect". To remove all of the filter criteria and return to the full member list view, click the green Clear Filters button.


You can also search for members and Workspaces by typing some characters or words in the search box:

On the members tab, this will show members that contain the search term you enter in their name, username or email address. 

On the Workspaces tab, it will show Workspaces with the search term in their name.

Searching by email address

To make the dashboard as fast as possible, if you enter an email address into the search box on the members tab, we will only show a member whose whole email address exactly matches what you enter in the search box. For example, searching for `` will NOT find ``, and searching for `` will NOT find ``.

If you want to find members by entering a partial email address, add an asterisk `*` character to the start or end of the search term. For example, search for `*` to find `` and ``; search for `*` to find `` and ``. These searches will take longer to return results.

Other than in combination with an email address, an asterisk `*` will be treated as a literal character, and only results that actually contain an asterisk will be found.

Additional Help