Activate Atlassian Intelligence for your Trello Workspace

This feature is currently only available to Standard and Premium customers.

Atlassian Intelligence is a virtual teammate to help your organization to work more effectively. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it’s a tool that is integrated into our cloud-based products.

Here are some resources to help you and your organization learn more about Atlassian Intelligence:

Activate or deactivate Atlassian Intelligence

Only Workspace admins will be able to change these settings.

  1. Open the Workspace.

  2. Go to your Workspace settings.

  3. Under Atlassian Intelligence, use the toggle to activate or deactivate Atlassian Intelligence.

If this is the first time you’re activating Atlassian Intelligence, you’ll have to review and accept the Atlassian Intelligence Terms of Service first.

Once it’s activated, your users will get a notification that they can start using AI features on their boards.

I’m cancelling my Standard / Premium subscription but I currently have access to Atlassian Intelligence. Will I lose access when my Workspace downgrades to a free Workspace?

Yes - as Atlassian Intelligence is only available for Standard and Premium Workspaces, you will lose access to Atlassian Intelligence on the Workspace you downgrade, as well as any features that are included in your subscription. You can see which features come with each Trello subscription at

If you downgrade from a Premium to a Standard subscription, or upgrade from a Standard to a Premium subscription, you will retain access to Atlassian Intelligence.

Learn how to use AI on Trello

Once you’ve activated Atlassian Intelligence in your workspace, you can learn how to use Atlassian Intelligence at Use Atlassian Intelligence to help write or edit content.

Additional Help