Map View

The Map View on Premium Workspace boards allows you to see the location of all of your board's cards in a map, making it easier to locate where works gets done and where you need to focus next.


Adding a location to your cards

To see your cards placed on a map, you need to add a location to them first. You can do that by opening a card a clicking the "Location" button on the card back:


Search for the location you want to add and choose it from the list:


You will see the location attached to your card:


Accessing the Map View

To locate your cards on the Map, click on the drop down arrow next to boards option and choose “Map”. Once you choose the option the icon will appear next to board.

Map View

Using Map View

When you're in the Map View, you will see all the cards that have a location added to them in the map. Clicking a marker on the map will show you all the Cards available on that location. From there, you can open the card or quickly edit it.


You can also add a new card by clicking on the "Add a card" button on the top right, or double clicking anywhere on the map to add a card directly to that location.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Map View? 

Members of Premium Workspaces, including Guests. Make sure your board is in a Premium Workspace: Moving a board to a different Workspace

How do I exit the Map View and return to the normal board view? 

Open the Views Switcher in the top left corner of the board, and select "Board". 

Is the Map view available in Trello's mobile apps? 

Yes it is! 

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