Troubleshooting two factor authentication

Trello's built-in 2FA is going away. To continue using 2FA to protect your Trello account, enable 2FA with with your Atlassian account.

Using your Trello backup codes

When enabling two factor authentication (2FA) in Trello, you're prompted to save or print a set of backup codes, which you can use to get back into your account if you don't currently have access to your second device. You can use one of those codes in the two factor authentication code field in the login screen, instead of the code you would normally receive via SMS or from your authentication app.

Backup codes are the best and primary method of regaining access to your account.


Use a backup code to log into your 2FA-enabled Trello account.

If you can’t reach to your backup codes or the codes are just not working, please reach us on contact support and we can help you on removing that 2FA.

Additional Help