Trello's plans: an update and FAQs

What is changing with Trello’s pricing update?

On August 24, 2021, we announced new ways to make it easier for teams of all sizes to get more out of Trello, and find a plan that best fits their needs:

  • Introduced Standard, a lower-priced tier that includes unlimited boards, Custom Fields, and advanced checklists.

  • Renaming Business Class to Premium to align with Atlassian pricing plans, and added unlimited automation to Premium.

  • Made a number of previously paid features available for free to all users, including access to unlimited Power-Ups, custom board backgrounds, custom stickers, and more.

  • The sunsetting of Trello Gold as we tie plans to a Workspace, instead of individual accounts.

For a detailed feature comparison of all of Trello’s pricing plans, please visit our pricing page.

Do you offer a free trial of Standard?

We currently do not offer a free trial for Standard, but you can trial Premium for 14 days (without entering credit card information), which has all of the features in Standard and more. To start a free trial of Premium visit

What happened to Business Class?

Business Class is now Premium. This is a change in name only—not price or feature set. In fact, Premium now has unlimited automated command runs per Workspace.

Changing the name to Premium is happening because “Business Class” no longer fits the product, as Trello is more flexible than just a business tool and businesses have more plan options than this one. We are also aligning our editions’ names with the rest of Atlassian.

If I'm already paying for Business Class, why did I get notified to take an extra step to upgrade or change to Premium?

This means you're on an older version of Business Class. Over time, Trello has created newer versions of our Business Class product with additional features. With this release of our revamped plans, we’re simplifying our supported plans so that all customers on the Premium (formerly Business Class) plan have the exact same features and payment model. This necessitates our customers on legacy plans to upgrade to the newest Premium plan.

We understand this shift may cause some pain, which is why we’re allowing the usage of existing smart billing credits (for up to 1 year) and giving discounts for a year.

Why is there a price increase when I try to upgrade from my old version of Business Class to the new Premium plan, even with a discount?

Your Workspace likely has a lot of multi-board guests, which were free in older versions of Business Class but in recent years have become paid members of Workspaces (if a guest is just on one Workspace board, they do not cost money).

You can look at the Members page for your Workspace to see which members are multi-board guests, if you’d like to try to remove them from boards to reduce your bill.

Why are you discontinuing Trello Gold?

Trello Gold has historically been tied to an individual Trello account. Moving forward, Trello pricing plans and the features associated with them are tied to a Workspace. This helps clarify who has access to what features.

Most features you liked about Gold are now free, and Standard offers more features than you previously had in Gold, including advanced checklists and higher automation quotas, at a similar price point. Learn more here.

With Trello Gold I could just pay for me, but with Standard and Premium I now have to pay for every member in my Workspace?

We understand the shift to Workspace-based pricing could cause a billing increase for Workspaces with more than one member, which is why we are offering all Gold users a 60-day Premium free trial followed by 60% off Premium for a year on the same Workspace, which is basically Premium at Gold prices.

If you have personal boards, you’ll get the promotion during the migration of those boards to Workspaces; if not you’ll get it through a link in your email or an in-app banner, so this will give you a little extra “free” time with even more premium features.

Is Custom Fields no longer available as a Power-Up?

Custom Fields is now a core product feature for Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, and is no longer available as a Power-Up and can no longer be added from the Power-Ups directory.

If you currently have the Custom Fields Power-Up enabled on an existing free board, you can continue to use the feature on that board. However, any newly created boards within a free Workspace will not have the Custom Fields Power-Up available, and will require an upgrade to access Custom Fields on those boards.

How do I downgrade my Workspace from Premium to Standard?

To downgrade from Premium to Standard, go to the billing page for your Workspace. In the section for “Cancel subscription”, click the “Explore plans” button. From the modal that appears you can downgrade to Standard. The Workspace will officially downgrade from Premium to Standard at the end of the current Premium subscription.

If you don’t see the “Explore plans” button, this means you're on an older version of Business Class. To get Standard you would have to cancel your Business Class subscription first and then upgrade to Standard.

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