What to do if your Gold membership is ending

Trello Gold has been a way for individual users to add a few perks to their Trello account, like custom stickers, emojis and board backgrounds. Starting on August 24, 2021, the option to get these perks through a Gold subscription will no longer be available. Instead, many of the perks Gold unlocked are available to any Trello user for free.

Why is my Gold membership ending?

Trello is at its best when it makes collaboration possible. But Gold membership benefits apply only to a user’s account—not to shared spaces like a board or workspace. So, Gold users who try to collaborate with non-Gold members often find the experience confusing. To help make teamwork easier, we needed to make the experience more consistent, for everyone—even for those teams that are only teams of one today.

What should I expect as my Gold membership expires?

Keep in mind that your Gold membership is an account-level membership and doesn’t have implications across entire workspaces—just the individual boards of which you are a member. So, once your Gold membership expires, you will notice the removal of some paid features that you received with Gold on boards in free Workspaces.

Some of those features will be available to free Workspaces as well, and we will talk more about those later in this page.

You’ll also notice the following:

  • New purchases, referrals, and renewals come to an end

  • Personal boards will be in workspaces

  • You’ll get a free trial of Premium—and then a huge discount

New purchases, referrals, and renewals come to an end

Starting on August 24, 2021, you can no longer purchase Gold or redeem it via referral credit. You also won’t be able to use the referral program to invite anyone to Gold, or add to your referral credits anymore. You will be able to maintain your Gold membership through its expiration date, and maintain referral credits you already have, though. So, if, for example, your Gold membership doesn’t expire until July 2022? You can keep using Gold until July 2022.

On September 24th, Gold subscriptions will stop auto-renewing. This means that if your Gold auto-renewal date is before September 24, that renewal will happen as planned. But if your auto-renewal date was scheduled to happen after September 24, that renewal won’t happen. Your Gold membership will expire at the end of your current subscription period.

If your Gold subscription is not set to auto-renew, or if you are using referral bonus credits, your Gold subscription will expire at the end of the subscription period that exists on August 24th, 2021).

Personal boards will be in Workspaces

Trello will not delete your boards. But we might reorganize them.

As Trello moves to a Workspace-focused organizational structure, we’re making sure all boards exist within Workspaces. This makes collaboration easier, but also simplifies account management; it’ll be easier to understand what features and permissions you have—and how much they cost.

Gold users with personal boards

If you have personal boards, you should have received an email on August 24th explaining Trello updates and personal board migration to Workspaces. And if you’re not sure which of your boards are personal boards, check out this article: How to tell if you have personal boards.

Here’s what to expect:

  • On September 7th, 2021, your personal boards will start getting moved to a newly created Workspace

  • That Workspace will have a free 60-day trial of Trello Premium

  • After your boards have been migrated, you can move boards into or out of the Workspace

Gold users without personal boards

If all of your boards are already in Workspaces, on August 24th we sent you an email with a free trial link. That link sends you to a page where you can choose which of your Workspaces gets a free, 60-day trial of Trello Premium. You will also see a banner when you log into Trello that contains a link to the same Workspace selection page.

A free Premium trial—and then a huge discount

All Gold members will be offered a free, 60-day trial of Trello Premium. And when that trial ends, if you want to stay on Premium, we’ll give you a 60% discount on your first 12 months.

When does the trial start?

  • If you have personal boards, once those boards are migrated into a Workspace

  • If your boards are already in Workspaces, the trial starts as soon as you choose which Workspace should get Trello Premium

What can I do next?

Review your account status

To find out when your Gold membership period will end, go to the Billing section of your user profile: trello.com/my/billing. If you signed up by using credits, you can learn when those credits expire at trello.com/my/billing too.

Explore the new Trello options

We’re not just removing Gold as an option. We’ve also:

  • Improved the Free plan

  • Introduced Trello Standard

  • Replaced Trello Business Class with Trello Premium—and improved what it includes

All available plans apply to a Workspace, meaning any features you unlock with the plan will apply to all boards within the Workspace—whether it has one member or many.

For a full comparison of all available plans, go to trello.com/pricing. But here are some highlights:


Trello’s Free plan now includes: 

  • Unlimited Power-Ups on all boards in the Workspace (formerly 1 Power-Up per board)

  • Custom board backgrounds, custom stickers, and custom emojis (formerly paid features)

  • 250 automated command runs per month (formerly 50)

However, Trello’s free plan is limited to 10 boards per Workspace and 10 MB per file attachment. Keep in mind you are able to create unlimited free Workspaces.


Trello’s Standard plan ($5 per user per month when paid annually, $6 per user per month when paid monthly) offers all free features, plus:

  • Unlimited boards

  • Up to 250MB per file attachment

  • Advanced Checklists

  • Up to 1,000 automated command runs (via Automation) per month

  • Custom Fields

Learn more about Standard at trello.com/standard.


Trello’s Premium plan ($10 per user per month when paid annually, $12.50 per user per month when paid monthly) offers everything in Standard, plus

  • Calendar, Timeline, Dashboard, and Map views

  • Advanced admin controls

Learn more about Premium at trello.com/premium.

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