Removing Trello content from Google

Removing a formerly public board from Google search results

When a board is made public, Google is efficient at getting the content of that board into their index. They're less efficient about coming back and checking that the board is still public. Once the board is made private, we are reporting the correct status to Google (i.e., 404), but Google needs to be told that this is a permanent state of affairs.

It's best for the owner of the board to submit a request to Google to delist the board from their search.  Click here for instructions on how to submit this request.

Removing a Trello profile from Google

Right now, there isn't a way to make your Trello profile private or hide it from Google.

Because Trello is at heart a social collaboration app, we took our cues from the major social networks like Twitter, where you can easily search people on the site, but cannot see anything more about them than what they choose to make public. This means that your name, avatar, and bio show up publicly, but not your email address, and only public boards and Workspaces will show up on your profile.

You can change your account details at If, as you make changes, you'd like to check up on how those changes appear to the public, open an incognito window or log out and visit That will allow you to see the public version of your profile.

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