Notifications are not working

If you are not receiving Trello notifications, there may be several causes.

You are not notified when you expect

Trello will notify you of actions that happen in a card you are assigned to or watching. This means that your icon or watching 'eye' icon is on the card.

Even if your email notifications are set to 'Instantly', there's a slight delay from when a notification occurs in Trello and when the email is actually sent. If you read the notification in Trello before the email is sent, Trello will not send the corresponding email (due to the fact that you have in fact read the notification).

Due Date Notifications

You must be a member of the card (or watching it) in order to receive Due Date notifications for that card. You may wish to watch the entire board. See Watching cards, lists, and boards.

If you set a due date on a card and you are a member of the card (or watching the card/list/board) you will receive a notification respecting the field reminder set on the due date options.

Trello is sending you emails, but you're not getting them

You can test whether email notifications are going out correctly with this link: If that's working, Trello is able to contact you via email. Still not receiving emails? In some instances, Trello emails get marked as Spam or Junk and end up in your Spam or Junk folder. Marking the emails as not Spam or Junk should help.

See Not receiving confirmation emails or password reset emails for more tips on email troubleshooting.

You're not getting email notifications in a timely fashion

By default, Trello is set to email you periodically with notifications you haven't dismissed in the web interface. To receive instant email notifications, go to and adjust your settings at the top of the page.

We want to be respectful of people's inboxes and attention so that the Trello notifications match as closely as possible to the things they want to know about.

No option to enable desktop notifications

If you have previously denied desktop notifications in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari you may not see the option to enable desktop notifications in your Trello settings page. If this is the case then you can still enable Trello desktop notifications in Chrome and Firefox by selecting the lock icon in your browser's address bar and under Permissions changing the Notifications permissions to allow. In Safari you can enable desktop notifications by selecting "Safari" from the browser's header, then "Preferences", then "Notifications." In the notifications tab you will want to find in the list of websites and select "Allow."
Note that Trello must be open in a browser tab to get desktop notifications.

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