Why can't I submit a Support ticket?

Only Trello users with an active subscription can submit support tickets. If you are unable to open a ticket via our support portal, we encourage you to raise your question in the Atlassian Community or search for an answer in the Trello Knowledge Base. These resources cover a wide range of topics and common issues.

The size and growth of Trello’s Free user base makes it difficult to scale dedicated support for Free customers, causing long waiting times during peak volume periods. A Community-based support model allows users to quickly find answers to questions already asked by fellow users, or connect with an expert in the Community to answer a unique question. Community Support is aligned with how support is provided for free versions for other Atlassian products.

How do I navigate and use the Community effectively?

The Atlassian Community is a vibrant hub for users of all Atlassian products, including Trello, ranging from beginners to experts. To help you navigate and leverage the Community effectively, we've put together a helpful demo that showcases its features and benefits. You can watch the Atlassian Community demo here: Get Involved with Atlassian Community

How can I ensure my questions will be seen and answered in the Community?

Writing a well-structured question will catch other Community members' and leaders' attention, making it more likely to receive a helpful answer. Conversely, an unclear question is likely to garner unhelpful answers.

Here are some tips for writing a good question on Atlassian Community:

  1. Craft a clear title: Summarize your specific problem in the title to grab attention. Try to reduce the whole issue to a single concise sentence.

  2. Share your goal and context: Let us know what you're trying to achieve, why it's important to you, and any relevant background information. Provide step-by-step details on how to reproduce the issue.

  3. Include your efforts: Tell us what you've already tried to solve the problem. Feel free to share links to helpful posts or articles you've consulted. If you're replicating something you read or saw in a video, share the source.

  4. Provide examples: Examples can help others understand your question better. You can also include screenshots and screen recordings (Loom is a great tool for this!). Just make sure not to include any confidential information as your post will be public.

  5. Review before posting: Before hitting the post button, re-read your question as if you were someone else. Consider asking a colleague to review it for clarity.

How is the Community moderated?

We're committed to creating a welcoming and safe space for all users. To ensure a positive and respectful Community experience, we have a team of moderators who work hard to keep the conversation flowing smoothly by monitoring the Community, responding to questions and comments, and keeping an eye out for any issues or concerns.

Does the Community provide timely responses?

With the increased visibility questions have when posted in the Community, we expect questions to be answered timely. With that said, we can’t offer any response time guarantees.

Trello Support staff closely monitors the engagement within the Trello Community, and continuously fosters the engagement from Community members and leaders.

How can I trust the accuracy of Community responses?

The Trello Community is a collaborative space where users can help each other and share their experiences.

Trello staff and the Community leader are very active in the Trello Community, both answering questions and keeping an eye on other answers.

Are there opportunities for users to become Community Leaders?

We are always happy to have more people involved in our Community. If you want to become a Community Leader, head here to submit your application: https://ace.atlassian.com/leaders/

Is there any support for non-English speakers in the Community?

Since questions posted in the Trello Community are answered by other users, Community Leaders, and Trello staff, posting your question in English increases your chances of getting a reply.

Can I report bugs or feature requests in the Community?

Yes! We recommend that you explore our public tracker to see which bugs and feature requests have already been reported.

If you come across a bug in Trello or have a suggestion for a new feature, please post it in the Trello Community forums.

I don’t want to share confidential information when posting a question in Atlassian Community. How can I get support in this case?

We understand your need for confidentiality. Here are some alternative ways to get support without sharing sensitive information publicly:

  • Access our extensive Knowledge Base and help articles. These resources cover a wide range of topics and common issues, allowing you to troubleshoot without sharing personal details.

  • When posting in the Atlassian Community, frame your question in a way that doesn't reveal confidential information. Generalize the issue, blur private information in your screenshots, and avoid specific details to protect your privacy while still getting helpful responses.

  • Use the community forums to find similar issues that others have posted and see the solutions provided. This can often help you resolve your problem without needing to post your own question.

  • If you frequently need confidential support, consider upgrading to a paid plan for dedicated support.

If a Community member requests personal information, such as your login details, please use the three-dot menu on that answer to report it to the Community moderators.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a paid plan?

Upgrading to Trello Standard, Premium, or Enterprise provides you with priority support, unlimited boards and collaborators, access to advanced features, enhanced security options, and more.

All paid Trello plans include dedicated support. You can check our pricing details here: Trello Pricing. The subscription cost will be based on the plan selected and number of users.

You can sign up for the Premium 14-day free trial on Workspaces that haven’t previously activated the trial to see if it meets your needs before committing. For refunds, please check our Payments & Refunds Policy.

I’m on a paid plan but I still can’t submit a ticket. Is there something wrong with my account settings?

To start, please make sure your paid plan is active and you are logged into the correct Trello account associated with the paid subscription. You can verify your plan status by going to your Workspace settings and checking your billing information.

If you’re logged in to an account that has an active subscription but you’re still having trouble submitting a ticket, please check out this article to eliminate any possible browser issue.
If you’re facing login issues, please start by troubleshooting login issues with your Atlassian account.

If you haven’t found a solution or you need additional help with your account, contact us using the General Inquiries form.


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