Which Trello plan is best for me?

Trello is a visual work management tool that’s made to be easy, fun, and flexible, so you can start planning, organizing, and collaborating right away.

Paid plans can be applied to an existing Trello Workspace at any time, giving upgraded features to all members of the Workspace.

Trello Free

Most of what makes Trello great is available for free. You can create a Workspace, add a board to it, and then invite your colleagues, friends, or family to collaborate right away.

Here’s what you get on the free plan:

Additionally, with Trello Free, all Workspace members are equal, which means that everybody can invite other members to join the Workspace, edit the Workspace profile and change some settings of this collaboration space you all share.

If you want more control of your Workspace, Trello Premium could be a good upgrade for you! Premium is focused on team collaboration and provides the Workspace admins greater control over the settings and boards within the Workspace.

Paid plans

Trello offers three paid plans: Trello Standard, Trello Premium, and Trello Enterprise.

Trello Standard

For small teams that need to manage work and scale collaboration.

Trello Standard adds features like:

Trello Standard is a great option for teams who need more features on their Trello boards, but don’t need any Workspace admin controls.

Trello Premium

For teams that need to track and visualize multiple projects in several ways, including boards, timelines, and calendars. Trello Premium includes privacy controls and other administrative tools that are helpful to businesses that want to take greater control of their boards and data. 

With Trello Premium, you’ll have access to:

See the Premium User Guide to learn more about individual features of Trello Premium.

Trello Enterprise

Trello Enterprise is best for large organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls.

Trello Enterprises can hold multiple Workspaces, and billing is simplified so you are billed once per user, no matter how many Enterprise Workspaces that user is a member of.

Here’s what comes with Trello Enterprise:

  • All of our Trello Premium features.

  • Enterprise Admin Dashboard - Manage Enterprise members, Workspaces and boards in a single place

  • Workspace reports for Enterprise - See stats about boards, members, and labels within an Enterprise Workspace

  • Enterprise data restrictions - prevent Enterprise data from leaving your Enterprise

  • Per-user licensing - Pay per-user, no matter how many Workspaces they're a member of

  • Multi-board guests - users who are not part of the Enterprise’s Workspaces can be added to more than one board without consuming a license

  • Pay via invoice - Rather than keeping a credit card on file, our sales team will work with you to construct an invoice structure that works for you

Learn more about each of our plans on the pricing page, or get in touch with us if you’re interested in more information about Trello Enterprise.

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