Why Support can't grant access to your account

For security purposes, Trello Support isn’t able to grant access to, modify, or delete user accounts. Additionally, Support isn’t able to change the administrators of boards or Workspaces.

Though we understand that this can be frustrating for users that are locked out of their own accounts, this policy is in place to protect all Trello users. In particular, the policy minimizes the risk that an ill-intentioned person (like a hacker, a disgruntled former colleague, or simply someone with a similar name) can’t break into an account through social engineering.

That said, if you’re locked out of your account, all is not lost! The following steps should help recover your account in most cases:

Use our forgot password form

If you think you know the email address associated with your account, you can try to reset your password via the Atlassian reset form. If you’re not sure what email address is associated with your account, feel free to try using any address you may have used.

Reach out to support

If you’re not able to recover your account using our Forgot Password form, then reach out to our support team by using our contact form. Let us know the details of your situation, and our team may be able to provide more suggestions so that you can access your account.

Still need help?

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