Trello Standard

Trello Standard is an upgrade for a Trello Workspace. This means that, like Premium, it applies to the Workspace and the boards within it, not individual users, and it affects all members of the Workspace. When upgrading to Standard, you'll be charged for each member of the Workspace.

Standard includes the following features for every member of your Workspace:

Additionally, Standard Workspaces can have Workspace admins, who have admin privileges across all boards in the Workspace.

Unlimited Workspace Boards

The Workspace that you upgrade to Standard will have no limit on the number of boards you can create within that Workspace. Free Trello Workspaces are limited to 10 open boards at a time.

Additional Automation Quota

Standard Workspaces are given a pooled quota, so the total quota is spread over the entire Workspace for anyone to use. Standard Workspace can use up to 1000 automation runs per month.

Advanced Checklists and Custom Fields

All Standard Workspace boards have the ability to use Advanced Checklists and Custom Fields!

Larger Attachments

You can upload files up to 250MB. To attach files to cards, select a file via “Attach File…” on the back of the card, or drag and drop from your desktop. The 250MB is for individual files, not a total limit, so you can have multiple large files on a single card or board.

Saved Searches

To save a search, enter your search terms and operators, click “Save this Search”, name your search and then click “Save”. Click “Back to Saved Searches” to view your saved searches. To execute a saved search, click the saved entry.

Workspace admins

Workspace administrators can view, manage, and close all Workspace boards, even if they are not the original creator of the board. This is helpful when a board admin leaves a Workspace and a new admin needs to be assigned. If you are a Workspace admin, you can see all Workspace boards on the boards page of your Workspace, even private Workspace boards you're not a member of.

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