Archiving and deleting lists

Lists cannot be permanently deleted on the original board. Instead, they can be archived to move them off of a board. We offer a workaround at the end of this page!


Archive a list by choosing the menu icon next to the list title, then choose "Archive this list".


You can archive a list when you are done with it.


Reopen a list by selecting "Archived items" under "More" within the board menu. Then click "Switch to lists" near the top of the page, then choose a list and click "Send to Board".

Note: It may already say "Archived lists" at the top, in which case you won't need to click "Switch to lists."


Choose the option "Send to board" to unarchive a list when you need it again! 


Workaround: Permanently deleting a list

Deletion is permanent in Trello and in an effort to prevent accidental deletions we do not have an option to delete a list on the original board. We also understand that deleting each card in a large list is tedious. If you need to fully delete a list and you don't want to delete the individual cards, there is a workaround!

First, send the list back to the board, and then move the list to a new, empty board. You can move the list by clicking on the menu icon next to the list title, then selecting "Move list".

Once you have all the lists you want to delete on your new board, you can close the board and then delete it. Deleting the board will also delete the lists within that board.

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