The Workspace Overview

Each Trello Workspace has its own Workspace Overview, which shows you the Workspace's boards, members, and settings.

Edit Workspace details will only show up if you are an admin of the Workspace, and "Export" and "Billing" only show up if you are an admin of a Workspace with Trello Premium.

Editing your Workspace's details

If you're an administrator of a Workspace, you can edit your Workspace's details by clicking "Edit Workspace details" at the top.Here, you can change the name of your Workspace, your Workspace's avatar, its website or description, and its "Short Name", which affects the URL used to access your Workspace. You can find your Workspace Page at[Org's Short ID]


The Boards Tab

This tab shows all the boards associated with your Workspace that are visible to you. If you're the admin of a Premium Workspace, you'll be able to see all boards, even if they're private and you're not a member. You'll see all boards that are public, Workspace-visible, or of which you're a member.If you're a member of a Workspace on the latest version of Premium, you'll also see collections on this page.

The Members Tab

This tab shows all Trello members that are on your Workspace, along with their permission level ("Admin" or "Normal"). If you are an admin, you will be able to change members' permission levels, or remove members from the Workspace.On a free Workspace, all members of the Workspace are Workspace admins and can invite additioal members, change the Workspace profile, and upgrade to Standard or Premium. Upgrade to Premium to allow greater permission granularity, where members can be downgraded to non-admin status.If you have Premium enabled, you can also enable the Google Apps integration on this page, which will cause members of your Google Apps domain to show up on this page, where you can easily add them.

The Export Tab

If you are an admin of a Premium Workspace, you can create a bulk export on this page.Click "Create New Export" and Trello will compile all of your boards in CSV and JSON format for you to download below. Depending on the size of your Workspace's boards, it may take a while for the export to happen.Be sure to click "Include raw attachments..." if you'd like each boards' attachments (including card covers) to be downloaded as well.

The Billing Tab

If you're an admin of an organization with payment information on file, you can manage your billing details on this tab:Update the credit card on fileChange the person who receives renewal and invoice emailsSubmit your tax exemption formsAdd custom details that you need on your invoiceCancel your subscriptionReview your billing history and download receipts

The Settings Tab

On this tab, you can change your Workspace's visibility, or, if your Workspace has Premium, edit additional permissions for your Workspace. Find more detail on Advanced permissions in the Setting up your Premium Workspace article.If you have a free Workspace, or have downgraded your Workspace from Premium, you can also delete your Workspace using the link at the bottom of the page. See Deleting a Workspace for more details on that process.


Additional Help