What browsers and mobile platforms does Trello support?

Starting on October 11th, we will stop supporting Trello for Android on Android 7.0 and older versions. You can find the new supported versions below.

Trello supports these modern browsers for desktop:

  • Chrome - Latest stable release

  • Safari - Latest stable release

  • Firefox - Latest stable release

  • Edge - Latest stable release

The Trello app is available for these mobile platforms:

  • iOS - Version 14 or higher

  • Android - Version 8.0 or higher with Google Play

The Trello desktop app is available for:

  • macOS - 10.9 or higher (64-bit Only)

  • Windows 10 or 11 - (64-bit)

Non-mobile touchscreens

While some Windows-based touchscreens may work, Trello doesn't officially support non-iOS and non-Android touchscreens and may not be compatible with these devices. This includes interactive whiteboards or large-format touchscreen displays.







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