Reporting Trello bugs

You want Trello to be awesome. So do we! Although we strive to make Trello as polished as possible, sometimes there are bugs. A bug means "something is broken." If you're looking for how to do something in Trello, try the search box on the Trello help home page.

To help us serve you more effectively, please follow the steps on this page before submitting a bug report.

Explore Known Issues

Has your issue already been reported? It helps to check:

If the issue you're having has already been reported, great! This means that it will be addressed in an upcoming release.

Check Your Browser

Web browsers (e.g. Edge, Safari) can be a bit quirky. See our guide about  Troubleshooting browser issues with Trello.

Submitting a Bug Report

You can report the issue via the link at the bottom of this page. A good bug report includes the fewest number of steps to reproduce the issue you are having.

Here's an example of a helpful bug report:


  1. Open Edge version 9.0.1234.h on Windows 7

  2. Log in to Trello using username ben (NOTE: Never share your password with us via email. We have ways to inspect your account once you have given us permission. See below.)

  3. Go to board at[your-board-link-here]

  4. Rename list "To Do" to "Hot Dog"


The list is now named "Hot Dog"


The list is still named "To Do"

Bug Submission Form

Please read the section above about how to file a good bug report, then go to our contact page and click on Contact Support to report the bug.

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