Re-inviting a person to a board

You may be in a situation where you invite a new Trello user to a board, but they did not receive an invitation email in their email inbox. Sometimes the email falls through the cracks and you want to resend it.

Trello will only send one invitation email in order to prevent unintentional SPAM. Rather than re-invite the person, the easiest thing to do is have the user manually create a Trello account using the following steps:

  1. Ask your colleague to go to

  2. They will need to sign up for Trello using the same email address you used when adding them to the board.

  3. The colleague will need to confirm the email address associated with the account. If they're not receiving a confirmation email, they will need to refer to Not receiving confirmation emails or password reset emails to troubleshoot. 

  4. Once the email address of the account has been confirmed, they will be able to access the board and/or team to which they were invited.

Additional Help