Why can't I create a board outside of a Workspace anymore?

Moving forward, all Trello boards will need to be part of a Workspace. For any new boards you create, you will be asked to select or create a Workspace to put them in. 

Ok, but why?

We believe the concept of Workspaces helps make collaboration easier! In addition, new features in Trello are being shipped within the context of Workspaces. 

Think of a Trello Workspace as your digital office, where collaboration is happening in real-time no matter where your teammates are located. Everyone can find the boards they need in their Workspaces, and understand what work is getting done, how long it’s going to take, and who is responsible.

How do I make a personal board now?

All boards need to be part of a Workspace, but you can definitely create a Workspace where you are the only member and use it to hold your personal boards. 

If I’m on a Workspace, can’t everyone see my boards?

Actually, no! Board visibility settings are still relevant here: meaning you are still able to set a board to Private, Workspace Visible, or Public. Private boards are only visible to the board's members, and the admins of the Workspace if the board is created in a paid Workspace. Free Workspace admins cannot see or access private boards within that Workspace. 

I just use Trello on my own, do I still need a Workspace?

Yes, but it's up to you how to use them! Whether you’re using Trello by yourself or collaboratively, you can create a Workspace for any purpose you like. You could create multiple Workspaces to organize boards that have a shared groups of collaborators, or just have one Workspace with boards for different projects.

How many boards can you have in a Workspace?

Free workspaces can have up to 10 open boards. You can upgrade your Workspace to a paid plan, or create multiple free Workspaces if you need more than 10 boards. Standard, Premium, and Enterprise Workspaces can have unlimited boards in them, allowing flexibility and easy collaboration for teams of any size.

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