Managed Enterprise accounts

Have Trello Enterprise and an Atlassian organization?

Your Enterprise is linked to your Atlassian Organization and will share the same set of managed members, based on the organization’s claimed domains. Any Trello user with an email address on the claimed domain will be a managed member of both the Enterprise and the organization, and the admin can then manage users from the Atlassian organization admin hub.

Managed members will not count toward your Enterprise license seats unless they are assigned an Enterprise license or added to an Enterprise workspace.

When a company claims a domain (e.g., Acme Inc claims, they can set a date for all Trello user accounts that have an email address from that domain (e.g., on the account to become managed accounts.


When a Trello account becomes managed it means:

  1. After the set transfer date, users whose accounts are managed must use their company credentials to log into Trello via SSO in order to keep company data secure.

  2. Enterprise admins have the ability to control certain enterprise settings within Trello (e.g., which types of attachments are allowed on boards).

If you are notified that your account will become managed and you have personal Trello content in the account, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Create a Trello account for personal use (or use an existing personal Trello account).

  2. Use our boards transfer tool to transfer any boards used for personal purposes from your work account to your personal account.

Note: Depending on the board, workspace, or enterprise settings, certain boards may not be available to transfer. If this is the case, we recommend removing any personal content from your work Trello account and copying it to a personal Trello account.

I no longer work for the company claiming my account. What should I do?

If you are notified that your account will be converted to SSO it means that there is an email address owned by the company claiming a domain on your Trello account.

If you no longer work for the company but forgot to remove the company-owned email address from your account, you will still get notified that your account will soon be managed by the company.

To prevent your account from being managed by the company (which would result in difficulty logging in because your credentials from the company are likely deactivated and will not work), we strongly recommend that you review the email addresses associated with your Trello account and remove any that you are no longer actively associated with.

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