Trello navigation

Trello global navigation header

The global header is at the top of every page in Trello. No matter where you are in Trello, you can always find your way around with the options in the global header.

  1. App switcher - Switch to other Atlassian Cloud apps, like Jira and Confluence.

  2. Trello logo - Select to go to to your Trello Home page.

  3. Workspaces - Switch between Workspaces by clicking the Workspaces dropdown then selecting a Workspace from the list. You will not see this if you are part of just one Workspace.

  4. Recent - Shows up to 8 boards you recently visited.

  5. Starred - When you star a board it will appear in the Starred menu for easy reference. 

  6. Templates -  Create a board from a pre-made template.

  7. Create button - Create a new board or Workspace.

  8. Search - Find boards and cards in any of your Workspaces with the global search.

  9. Information - Get Trello tips and links to help documentation.

  10. Notification panel - Review and respond to all of your notifications.

  11. Your profile and settings - View your profile, activity, assigned cards, account settings, and more.

You may see the name of your company in place of the Workspaces dropdown. If so, check out this article for more detail!

The sidebar

Trello sidebar, showing settings and boards.

The sidebar is on the left side of every page in Trello. It’s the best place to find details about the Workspace you’re working in. Below the Workspace name, you will find links to the Workspace’s boards, members, and settings. On Premium, Workspace views can be found and managed in the sidebar. The sidebar will show all boards you’re a member of in the current Workspace, your Starred boards appear at the top of the “Your boards” section.

To expand the sidebar, hover and click on the left side of your window. To minimize the sidebar, click the symbol to the right of the Workspace name.

You can also expand or minimize the sidebar by typing [ on your keyboard.

The board header

Trello board header. Shows buttons and navigation at the top of a Trello board.

The board header is found at the top of every Trello board.

  1. The sidebar - Manage Workspace settings, Workspace views, and boards.

  2. Board name - The name of your board. Click the board’s name to edit it.

  3. Starred - Add or remove a star. Starred boards appear in the Starred dropdown, and at the top of “Your boards” in the sidebar.

  4. Board visibility - The visibility setting of the board. Click the visibility setting to change the board’s visibility.

  5. Views switcher - On Premium, you can change your view to see cards on a table, calendar, timeline, and more. This switcher changes the board view. Find Workspace views in the sidebar.

  6. Shown Power-Ups - Power-Up buttons for Power-Ups you’ve decided to show. Click these buttons to access certain Power-Up features.

  7. Automation menu - Create and manage Butler automations.

  8. Power-Ups menu - Add new Power-Ups, manage existing ones, and show or hide the Power-Up buttons in the board header.

  9. Filter - Find cards on the board by keyword, member, due date, or label.

  10. Board members - Shows up to five board members. Click a member to view their activity or change their permissions. If the board has more than five members, click the number to the right to view the rest.

  11. Share button - Add people to the board, or change permissions of current members.

  12. Board menu - The board menu contains all of a board’s settings, labels, archived items, activity, and more. Find more detail on the board menu here.

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