Trello Navigation


All Trello boards are contained within a Workspace. The left navigation sidebar shows you which Workspace you’re currently working within and allows you to easily access your boards and views within that Workspace. Hover and click the left side of your screen to expand the sidebar; click on the collapse arrows at the top of the menu to collapse it. The keyboard shortcut '[' also opens and closes this sidebar.

The sidebar has three sections: The Workspace name; Workspace views; and Your boards.

  • Workspace name: The top of the sidebar shows the Workspace name, so you always know which space you’re working within. Clicking on the Workspace name at the top of the sidebar will bring you to the Workspace boards page, where you can see all boards you have access to in that Workspace; view and invite members; and (depending on your permissions) see the Workspace settings and billing information.

  • Workspace views: Trello is introducing new ways to visualize data across multiple boards within the same workspace. Workspace Table View is currently in beta stage and is a Premium feature. Any of your saved views will also appear in the sidebar.

  • Your boards: Any board that you’re a member of within the selected Workspace will appear in this list of boards, with starred boards at the top. You can create a new board within the Workspace by clicking the + icon. A small blue dot on the board tile means that there has been activity on the board since the last time you opened it. You can also see all boards you have access to view within the workspace (even if you’re not a member of them) by clicking the “See all workspaces boards” link at the bottom of the sidebar.

Global header navigation

No matter where you are in Trello, you can always find your way around with the options in the global header.


Trello logo: Clicking the Trello logo in the header will bring you to your boards page. Whereas the left sidebar shows boards and views of one selected Workspace at a time, the boards page offers a global view of all your boards and all your Workspaces.

From this page, you can also find and reopen any of your closed boards by clicking the “See all closed boards” button.


Switching Workspaces: Some users may have multiple Workspaces within Trello. While the sidebar shows the boards and views within one selected Workspace at a time, you can switch between Workspaces by clicking the Workspaces dropdown in the global header, and then selecting from the list of Workspaces. You’ll be directed to a page of all boards within that Workspace. 


Recent boards: The Recent dropdown will show up to 8 boards you recently visited.


Starred boards: If you star a board (via the star icon in the board header or board tile), it will appear in the Starred dropdown list for easy reference.  


Search: Use the search input in the global header to quickly search for any board by name, no matter which Workspace it’s in. You can also search for cards, members, and more. The keyboard shortcut '/' opens the search input.


You can also quickly pull up any of your boards by name using the keyboard shortcut 'b', which opens a search overlay. 


Additional Help