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Opsgenie data residency

Opsgenie provides customers with the opportunity to store their data either in the US or EU location. After Opsgenie’s acquisition by the Atlassian family, users can still choose the location for their data residency when creating an account, subject to some limitations. Learn more about European Service Region

What’s changed?

We recently integrated Opsgenie with the Atlassian systems to increase cross-product collaboration and benefit from being under a common platform. Previously, both product data and personal data were stored in the location selected by a user at account creation. After integration, some product and personal data are now stored in the US. All Opsgenie product data not listed below, such as schedules, alert data, and incident data, will continue to be stored in a users' selected location.

Personal Data

The personal data we’re storing in the US, as part of the Atlassian centralized profile migration, are:

  • Full name

  • Public name

  • Job title

  • Department

  • Email address

To learn more about how to set profile and visibility settings on Atlassian Account profile, go to Update your profile and visibility settings.

Product Data

The product data we’re centralizing in both EU and US locations are:

  • Team name

  • Team description

  • Team members

  • Service name

  • Service description

  • Service tags

  • Service relations

  • Bitbucket mapping

Last modified on Jul 8, 2021
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