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Opsgenie data residency

Opsgenie gives customers control over where store their data. After Opsgenie’s acquisition by the Atlassian family, users can still choose the location for their data residency when creating an account, subject to some limitations. Learn more about European Service Region

What’s changed?

We’ve integrated Opsgenie with the Atlassian systems to increase cross-product collaboration and benefit from being under a common platform. Previously, all your product and personal data were stored in the location you’ve selected while creating your account for the first time.

After integrating to Atlassian systems, we’re storing some product and personal data in US locations, whether you’ve selected a different location to store your data while creating your account. All Opsgenie product data not listed below (such as schedules, alert data, incident data, etc.) will continue to be stored in your selected location.

Personal Data

Irrespective of the location you chose for your data while creating your Opsgenie account for the first time, we’ll store the personal data stated below in the US location, as part of the Atlassian centralized profile migration:

  • Full name

  • Public name

  • Job title

  • Department

  • Email address

To learn more about setting profile and visibility on an Atlassian Account profile, go to Update your profile and visibility settings.

Product Data

If you’ve selected the US as your data residency location while creating your Opsgenie account for the first time, we’ll keep all your product data in the US. If you've selected any other location, we'll store the product data below in both US and the location you selected:

  • Team name

  • Team description

  • Team members

  • Service name

  • Service description

  • Service tags

  • Service relations

  • Bitbucket mapping

Request a data residency move in Opsgenie

Opsgenie supports data residency moves for Jira Service Management customers, which means they can select a location to host their accounts. The move includes a subset of processed and stored data related to those accounts.

How a data residency move affects Opsgenie

Before you request a data residency move, it is important to understand how the move will affect your Opsgenie account.

Opsgenie and Jira products will be offline during the move

During the data residency move, Opsgenie and any Jira products on the same site will go offline, and your users won’t be able to access the product data, API endpoints, or integrations. This is because Opsgenie is closely integrated with Jira Service Management, so their product data moves together to the new location.

They may be offline for up to 24 hours, depending on the size and type of your data. During this window, we’ll email you when the move starts, when it’s finished so you can resume using Opsgenie and Jira.

Opsgenie domains

Data residency moves impact your accounts located in EU that use https://app.eu.opsgenie.com in the site URL. After the move, the URLs will change to the following:

  • app.opsgenie.com

  • api.opsgenie.com

  • opsgenie.net

  • opsg.in

Your existing domains will continue to work, but the URLs for any new endpoints will not include the 'eu' prefix.

Amazon action channels

If you’re using any of the following Amazon action channels in Opsgenie and you’re moving your data residency, be sure to update the region of the action channels manually for them to continue to work as expected.

For details, see Configure Amazon action channels after data residency moves.

How to prepare for a move

To reduce the impact of Opsgenie and Jira products temporarily going offline, plan your data migration for a quiet time such as a weekend or public holiday. Also create a mitigation plan for the downtime as necessary. Since Jira Service Management features powered by Opsgenie will be offline during the move, communicate to your Jira Service Management users well in advance the timelines of the migration so they can be prepared for the activity.

Steps to request a data residency move

Opsgenie product data moves along with Jira Service Management product data. A data residency move once requested can't be canceled. Only Opsgenie site owners and admins can request data residency moves.

To request a data residency move:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Security > Data residency.

  3. In the data residency table, find Jira Service Management and select Move product.

  4. Select the new location where you’d like your in-scope product data to be pinned and held in place.

  5. Enter the 24-hour window when you’d like us to complete your move.

Before you request a data residency move, it’s recommended that you understand how a data residency move affects Opsgenie.

If you are a EU customer using EU domains in your Opsgenie environment, moving your data from the EU to the US location will remove the eu. endpoint from your Opsgenie site URL. For example, app.eu.opsgenie.com will become app.opsgenie.com.

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