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Configure OneLogin SSO

OneLogin is a popular identity provider service. It helps IT organizations scale and secure their user base easily, across different platforms. Opsgenie supports Single Sign-On with OneLogin, which means your organization can easily incorporate Opsgenie into your application base in OneLogin and let your users securely access Opsgenie.

For general information about Opsgenie's Single Sign-On feature, refer to the Single Sign-On with Opsgenie document. This document describes the specific instructions you can use to integrate OneLogin with Opsgenie SSO.

To configure Single Sign-On integration between your OneLogin and Opsgenie accounts, go to Opsgenie SSO page, select "OneLogin" as provider and follow the instructions.

OneLogin Integration Instructions

  • In OneLogin, go to Add Apps page. Search and find "Opsgenie". Click on it and then click "Save".

  • After the Opsgenie app is saved; its configuration page opens. Go to "Configuration" tab.

  • Now in another tab go to Opsgenie SSO page. Copy the URL generated for Consumer URL.

  • In OneLogin, paste the consumer URL into "Consumer URL".

  • In Opsgenie, copy the URL generated for Logout URL.

  • In OneLogin, paste the logout url into "Logout URL".

  • Click "Save".

  • Go to SSO tab.

  • Under "X.509 Certificate", click "View Details". Copy the "X.509 Certificate" content.

  • In Opsgenie, paste the certificate into "X.509 Certificate" field.

  • In OneLogin, go back to the SSO tab of Opsgenie app's configuration page.

  • Copy the URL in "SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)".

  • In Opsgenie, paste it into "SAML 2.0 Endpoint" field.

  • In OneLogin, copy the URL in "SLO Endpoint (HTTP)".

  • In Opsgenie, paste it into "SLO Endpoint" field.

  • Click "Apply SSO Settings".

That's all! Now you and your users can access Opsgenie from OneLogin directly.

Remember to give your users in OneLogin access to the Opsgenie app.


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