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Execute Opsgenie actions

Running Opsgenie actions manually

Once an Opsgenie action is created, you will be able to apply the actions to alerts. Click the action list of the alert and select the action. Action parameters will appear on the pop-up window. You can see the predefined parameters and set the values for prompt user parameters. Once the parameter configurations is completed, you can click Execute to run the Opsgenie action.

Run actions
Restart EC2

To manually run an Opsgenie action, the action needs to be added to the alert via alert policies or integrations.

Alert policies

Opsgenie actions can be assigned to the alerts using Alert policies. Once an Opsgenie action is associated with an alert, it can be performed manually. For further information, refer to Alert policies documentation.

Adding Opsgenie actions to an integration

Opsgenie actions can be assigned to alerts created by integrations.

To configure integration Opsgenie actions, please follow these steps:

  1. Access the Integrations tab on Team Dashboard.

  2. Select the integration then toggle the 'Advanced' switch.

  3. At the bottom of page, use the Actions field to assign an Opsgenie action to the integration.

  4. Click Save integration to complete configuration.

For further information, refer to integrations documentation.

Action field

Action policies

After creating a new Opsgenie action, the action becomes available to use in action policies. Use the action policies to configure an alert filter that automatically triggers the action.

Please note that Opsgenie actions are triggered automatically only if all parameters are predefined.

For more information about creating and using action policies, see the Action Policies documentation.

Action Execution Result

Opsgenie tries to get action result periodically up to 30 minutes. If the result is obtained in that time interval, a log added to corresponding alert


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