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Set up Opsgenie actions

Opsgenie Actions feature is available for Standard and Enterprise plan customers.

See this video for an overview of Opsgenie actions.

Opsgenie actions allow users to define actions with customizable parameters. Opsgenie currently supports three methods:

  • AWS Systems Manager: A channel to run AWS SSM Automation Documents

  • Generic REST Endpoint: A channel to send requests to a wide variety of interacting with 3rd party tools such as Ansible, Salt, AWS Lambda, and more.

  • AWS Simple Notification Service: A channel for publishing messages on SNS topics.

Responders often take predictable, repetitive actions in response to an alert. These actions might include gathering more info about a particular system, running network diagnostics, increasing cloud resources, or restarting a service. Fortunately, many of these actions can be automated with configuration management and infrastructure automation products.

Opsgenie actions enable teams to integrate with these automation platforms and trigger the automated tasks right from the Opsgenie console or mobile app. This saves responder’s time, reduces the number of applications they need to use during incident response, and positively impacts MTTR.

Opsgenie actions are triggered automatically using predefined action policies, opening the potential for “self-healing” services that can take action to solve issues before involving any on-call responders.

Automation action setup

Follow these steps to set up a new Opsgenie action. Details about each step can be found in the sections below.

1- Configure an action channel that saves the required information for connecting and authenticating to the 3rd-party automation system.

2- Create an Opsgenie action that runs an AWS Automation Document, POSTs to an endpoint URL or publish an SNS message on a topic.

3- Configure the parameters that are expected by the 3rd-party automation system.

4- If desired, configure an action policy to automatically run the action when an alerts meet your criteria.

5- If desired, configure an alert policy to make the action available to Opsgenie users as an alert action when alerts meet your criteria.

6- If desired, add the action to an integration. The action is then available to Opsgenie users as an alert action for alerts created by the integration.

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