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Use Opsgenie with Jira Service Management Cloud

Enable your teams to keep track of the reported customer problems while responding to incidents with our Jira Service Management integration. Opsgenie's integration with Jira Service Management enables you to link your Jira Service Management requests with your Opsgenie incidents and alerts, directly from Opsgenie.

To use the features that our Jira Service Management integration provides, you would need to establish a connection between Opsgenie and Jira Service Management first. After connecting Opsgenie with Jira Service Management, you can link Jira Service Management requests to your incidents and alerts in Opsgenie. There are no additional configurations needed to enable request linking in Opsgenie once the connection is set up.

Connecting Opsgenie with Jira Service Management

Your account will be connected to Jira Service Management automatically once the prerequisites mentioned below are satisfied. You can check your connection from Settings >> Connected Apps >> Atlassian products. Choose Jira Service Management from the list of products.

There are some prerequisites that your account should satisfy which would establish the connection with Jira Service Management:

1. Your Opsgenie account should be under an Atlassian site for the integration to work. If your account does not have an Atlassian site, you should migrate your account first. While migrating your Opsgenie account, make sure you’re selecting the Atlassian site which is connected to your Jira Service Management account. Go to your account settings to initiate the migration process. You can learn more about migrating to an Atlassian site and what it means for you from here.

2. Your Jira Service Management account, which you’d like to use with this integration, should be under the same Atlassian site with your Opsgenie account. Otherwise, you would not be able to use the integration.

Once you satisfy the prerequisites mentioned above, your account will automatically be connected with Jira Service Management and you will be able to use the functionalities mentioned below.

Request linking

Please note that you can only link Jira Service Management incident requests with the incidents and alerts in Opsgenie.

Once the connection is established between Opsgenie and Jira Service Management, a new section within alert details page and incident details page will be displayed with the name Jira Service Management requests. You will be able to link Jira Service Management requests to your Opsgenie alerts and incidents from this section.

  1. Click Link request to start linking requests. An inline linking component would show up right under the section.

  2. Search for the Jira Service Management request from the search box and click Link to link the searched request to the alert/incident.

Clicking on the linked request will open the request details in Jira Service Management in a new tab. You can also remove the links by hovering over the linked request and clicking on the remove icon.

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