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Opsgenie Edge Connector as an extensibility platform

Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) is a lightweight application that provides:

  • Opsgenie integration for systems that are not accessible from the public internet

  • Ability to run executables triggered by Opsgenie

  • Deployment on-premises or in the customer’s cloud environment

OEC integrates with a number of monitoring and ITSM tools, allowing Opsgenie to send actions back to keep various toolsets in-sync across the organization. OEC also hosts custom scripts that can be executed remotely.

See this video for an overview of Opsgenie Edge Connector.


Supported Script Technologies

OEC includes support for running:

  • Groovy scripts(.groovy)

  • Python scripts(.py)

  • Go scripts(.go)

  • Powershell scripts(. ps1)

  • Shell scripts(.sh)

  • Batch files(.cmd and .bat)

OEC supports environment variables, arguments, and flags that are passed to scripts. These can be set globally for all scripts or locally on a per script basis. Stderr and stdout options are also available.

All provided scripts are written with Python3.

 Support for Git

OEC provides the ability to store and retrieve files from Git.

Configuration files for OEC can be maintained in Git to ensure version control. Likewise, scripts and credentials can be kept in Git and retrieved when needed so that credentials are not stored locally.

To use Git for configuration, set OEC_CONF_SOURCE_TYPE=git. Then configure the Git URL, filepath, key path, and passphrase.

To use Git for scripts, set actionMappings → mappedAction → sourceType to git.

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