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Add a responder to an alert

Add a new Responder to the alert to be notified and updated. When a new Responder is added, the alert will become UnAcknowledged.

Responders can be:

  • Responder users

  • Teams: Add a team to the alert which will start the notification flow and escalation process depending on team’s Routing Rules and escalation policies.

  • Groups: When a group is specified for the Responders field, all member users of the group are added as a Responder to the alert

Group feature is only available for old plan customers.

  • Escalations: When an escalation is specified for the Responder’s' field, the corresponding users within the escalation will be added as responders to the alert when the specified time for its rules come. An escalation can be specified for Responders field even if the escalation belongs to a team.

  • Schedules: When a schedule is specified for the Responders field, the on-call users of the schedule will be added as responders to the alert. A schedule can be specified for responders field even if the schedule belongs to a team.

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