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Set up an action channel with AWS Systems Manager Channel

AWS Systems Manager offers automation documents to simplify common maintenance and deployment tasks of AWS resources. AWS Systems Manager Channel can be configured to execute those documents within Opsgenie actions.

Channel Configuration

  1. Go to the Actions tab under the Team dashboard.

  2. Click Add Action Channel.

  3. Enter the name of action channel and select AWS System Manager as the type.

  4. Designate your AWS Account ID, AWS Region and AWS Role.

To configure AWS Role for an AWS Action channel, you may use CloudFormation Template created by the link on AWS Role input. If you would like to create an IAM role without this template, please make sure that your role satisfies all of the permissions and trusted relationship configurations given by the CloudFormation template.

Note that, AWS role name should include opsgenie-automation-action- prefix to execute actions on AWS SSM Automation documents.

5. Click Create.

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