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View global notification analytics

Notification Reports contain the following dashboards:
1- Notification Analytics
2- Notification Analytics by User

1- Notification Analytics

This dashboard shows a detailed breakdown of all types of notifications received by your team members, over a period of time defined by the date filter. The data is shown in a comprehensive way showing the different methods that were used to send notifications based on notification rules, comparison of methods in a bar graph, and a numerical table with notification method counts.

Filter all charts by notified user, method, and date.


  • Daily notifications sent by method
    The distribution of each method or type of notifications on each day. Each method or type refers to email notifications, push notifications on mobile, and SMS notifications.

  • Incoming calls by date
    This is the count of incoming international and national call notifications based on date filter.

  • Notifications by date
    The count of notifications by method and date, with totals.

2- Notification Analytics by User

The notification analytics by user and methods over a set amount of time defined in the notification time filter. Each user notified over the time period is listed with their notification count and the method that notification was sent by.

Filter all charts by notified user and date.


  • User notification count by method
    The notification count per user and method (email, push on mobile, SMS, and the total number of notifications).

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