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Checks to do after an Opsgenie site name change

If you’re going through a site name change, you might need to check a few things to make sure your Opsgenie account is working as it should.

The name change is either requested by the account owner or admin, or it is automatically performed as an outcome of a data migration request. For example, when you request to move your EU based data to a US location. At the end of the site name change, the URL you’re using to log in to your Opsgenie account and your site email addresses will change. Opsgenie name change does not affect the URL of your Atlassian site.

To continue using your Opsgenie account as before, we recommend doing a few checks:

  • Check if your team is aware of the URL change. Your old URL will be redirected to your new URL for 90 days after the change. At the end of the 90-day period, your old URL will become unavailable.

  • Check your email integrations. If you’ve been using email integrations, you might want to check and update the email addresses. Though, these integrations will continue to work even with the old emails.

  • Check your SAML settings. If the domain change is occurring because of a data residency move, the URL you might be using to integrate a SAML type of login would be subject to a change. Check and reconfigure your SAML settings in accordance with your new URL.

  • Check your heartbeats. Heartbeats also use an email address generated by your site name. Check and update your existing heartbeats as well. Unlike email integrations, your existing heartbeats won’t work with the old emails. You’ll need to update them to make sure they continue to work.

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