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Set up a conference bridge

Opsgenie Conference Bridge provides the ability to launch a conference bridge from within the Opsgenie application. Collaborate with key individuals to resolve incidents using a preferred bridge (i.e. Audio Bridge (only active for alerts), Jitsi Video Bridge). With this capability, after an incident arises, it is easier to organize teams and join the conference bridge as there is easy access to a preset conference bridge within the incident notification.

This documentation only includes the setup process for Audio Bridge and Jitsi Video Bridge. If you would like to learn more about Incident Command Center and Zoom for Incident Command Center, please check their documentation pages.

How it works

Setting up a Conference Bridge in Opsgenie is simple and easy.

  1. Create a room in Opsgenie containing conference bridge access details.

  2. Create a conference bridge condition to match which alerts have a conference bridge.

That's it. Now, when an alert matching the conference bridge condition(s) is created, access the conference bridge details from that alert's page.

Set up Conference Bridge in Opsgenie

  1. Go to a Teams Dashboard Team page and create/select the team desired to have conference bridge enabled for on their alerts.

  2. Under the Conferences tab, select Add Room to create a room for the team.

  • The name of the room is shown on the alert page when a related alert is opened to join the conference bridge.

  • Description field is a brief explanation of the Conference Bridge Room.

If selecting an audio bridge, more fields appear to define in the Room.

4. That is it! Now, when the team receives an alert created via their team integration matching these rules, they can access the conference bridge details on the alert's details page.

See our Jitsi as a Video Bridge for help configuring Jitsi with the Conference Bridge feature.

Additional Help