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Log in to Opsgenie

Before being acquired by Atlassian, all user accounts were held and managed by Opsgenie. Shortly after the acquiring process, we’ve started our works to migrate all Opsgenie accounts under an Atlassian ID to integrate with other Atlassian products and services, and to provide easier and faster access between all Atlassian products.

Now, we’re moving all user profiles to an Atlassian ID, beginning with developments that will benefit from being under a common platform and increasing cross-product collaboration. Based on this fact, Opsgenie users now have several options while they log in to Opsgenie.

Customers who created their accounts after April 15th, 2020 or who signed up for Opsgenie through another Atlassian product will have an Atlassian ID by default and don’t need to migrate.

In this document, we’re explaining how users can access to their Opsgenie accounts and what should they expect in doing so.

Atlassian authentication

Users can log in to Opsgenie through their Atlassian account. With an Atlassian account, you can access all other Atlassian products with a single platform. If the Opsgenie account admin opted for login by authentication, Opsgenie users could use their Atlassian credentials to access the Atlassian platform and select Opsgenie from the app switcher.

1 - Logging in with Atlassian credentials

  • Go to app.opsgenie.com and enter your user credentials, or

  • Log in directly to one of your Atlassian Cloud products and use the app switcher to go to Opsgenie.

2 - Logging in with single sign-on

Atlassian single sign-on is available once you subscribe to Atlassian Guard Standard (formerly known as Atlassian Access), which is an enterprise-wide subscription for enhanced security and centralized administration that works across every Atlassian cloud product used at your organization. To activate Atlassian SSO for Opsgenie, subscribe to Atlassian Guard Standard and follow the instructions there.

Atlassian Guard Standard is billed separately and free with Opsgenie’s Standard and Enterprise plan. However you may receive additional fees due to your subscription to other Atlassian products.

Opsgenie authentication

1 - Logging in with Opsgenie credentials

Customers that are signed up before April 15, 2020 are set to use Opsgenie login by default. These users can access their Opsgenie accounts with Opsgenie credentials through their Opsgenie site. Account admins can set password policies to enhance security.

2 - Logging in with Opsgenie SSO

Opsgenie offers several providers for single sign-on solution in which you can control authentication of the hosted accounts on your identity provider to Opsgenie. Click here to learn more about Opsgenie SSO.

Opsgenie SSO is free for Standard and Enterprise plan customers.

Go to the links below to find out how to set up these logins in your Opsgenie account.

Switching to Atlassian login
Switching to Opsgenie login

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