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Investigate incidents with Bitbucket

Bitbucket gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. With Opsgenie’s Bitbucket connection you can now associate code deployments with services. This is done by mapping your Bitbucket repositories to owned Opsgenie services. You will then be able to track all code changes to your services due to deployments. Hence allowing you to investigate potential causes in the form of deployments, commits and even exact lines of code better in the case of an incident on your service.

To map your Bitbucket Repositories with Opsgenie services please refer to the steps listed below:

Add mapping

Please note that mapping Bitbucket repositories to an Opsgenie service can only be performed by Account admins, Owners, Team admins and all Custom role users who have the appropriate rights to edit the service in question.

  1. Ensure you have connected your Bitbucket workspaces to your Opsgenie account.

  2. Navigate to your owned services tab under the team’s tab.
    Alternatively, you may navigate to the services tab of your Opsgenie account and edit the service from the list of services present.

  3. Under the Bitbucket mappings section click on the Add mapping option.

  4. Select a workspace from the available Bitbucket workspaces linked to your Opsgenie account.

  5. You will have two options in mapping your Bitbucket repositories to the service.

    1. The Sync workspace to service allows you to map all the repositories currently contained under the workspace and ensure any added repositories in the workspace are also automatically mapped to the service.

    2. The Select specific repositories to map option allows you to choose specific repositories to map to your Service from the currently available repositories under the selected workspace.

  6. Upon selecting the repositories to map to your service, or syncing the entire workspace, click on the Add mappings option to close the mapping view.

  7. After successfully mapping your repositories to your service you will be able to see these mappings listed under the Bitbucket mapping section.


Add mapping to service


Service mapping

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