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Create an on-call schedule with a daily rotation

On-call schedule with daily rotation


Rebecca, George, and Sarah share on-call duty rotating daily, and Rebecca is on-call twice as many days as the others.

  1. On your Team's dashboard, under the On-call sub-menu access the module for On-Call Schedules, click on the "Add Schedule" button.

  2. Give the schedule a Name using only letters, numbers, underscores, and dots. In this scenario, a schedule called “daily_rotation” will be created. Use this name as the alert recipient when creating alerts in order to have the alerts sent to the appropriate on-call person using this schedule.

  3. Select the appropriate Time zone and save.

  4. Click the plus button near “Rotations” to begin populating an on-call schedule.

  5. Input Start date and time to indicate when the rotation becomes active. Schedule rotations are calculated beginning from this date and time, so ensure you have chosen the appropriate handover time for rotations (e.g., start of business day at 09:00 vs. start of actual day at 00:00). In this scenario, rotations are defined by calendar date, so 00:00 is selected as the start time.

  6. Select Participants. Participants may be users, groups, teams and escalations. In this example, Rebecca, George, and Sarah are the participants. A user or group can be included multiple times for more frequent participation in the rotation. Rebecca gets two rotations for every single rotation of George and Sarah, so she has been selected twice. Change the order of the participants by dragging and dropping the participants in the list. Each participant is assigned a color and is represented with that color in the schedule preview.

  7. Select the rotation type. In this example, Rebecca, George, and Sarah will rotate daily.

  8. Verify the schedule. As rotations are defined, OpsGenie automatically calculates and displays who will be on-call and when.

  9. Click “Add” to save the rotation.

  10. You can go back to the On-Call Schedule module (Under the On-call sub-menu of your Team dashboard) and open, export, clone, edit, or delete your on-call schedules.

Daily rotation schedule
Add rotation

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