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Migrate Opsgenie accounts to an Atlassian account

Recently, Opsgenie has joined the Atlassian family and became a part of its collaboration platform. As an Opsgenie customer, you can now connect your existing account to an Atlassian site. An Atlassian site gives you access to all your Atlassian cloud products.

Click here to learn more about what is an Atlassian site and how you manage organizations under it.

In this document, you can have more information on the migration process, your responsibilities, and what’s ahead of you.

What is an Atlassian account?

Atlassian account is a global account that allows a user to access multiple Atlassian cloud sites, products, and services with one set of credentials and under one authentication session. Atlassian account also helps to better connect and present in a consistent way information about a user, their activity, and the tools they use.

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Why are we migrating your Opsgenie account to an Atlassian site?

Atlassian products work better together. Once your account is connected, it will enable you to use all Atlassian cloud products seamlessly with the enhanced integration capabilities. This way, you’ll have only one email to remember while using Atlassian products.

What are we migrating specifically?

We’re only creating an Atlassian site for you and create a connection between your Opsgenie account and your site. We’re migrating your data to Atlassian Data Lake, but you won’t have any system outages or downtimes due to the migration process. This process will not cause any extra costs.

How will you migrate your Opsgenie account to an Atlassian site?

Currently, the account owner and the admins have the authority to initiate this migration. If you're the account owner/admin, you’ll see an in-app banner inviting you to connect your account to Atlassian. You’ll have the option to create a new Atlassian site or use one of the existing sites if you're already using an Atlassian cloud product. Then, we’ll invite account users to confirm their user profiles on your Atlassian site.

If you’re a user, wait for the notifying email and follow the instructions there.

What happens if you don’t migrate your account to an Atlassian site?

For now, nothing. However, we recommend migrating to get the most out of our new feature releases. If you choose not to migrate now, you’ll be auto-migrated eventually, and you’ll have to authenticate your Atlassian credentials. See the timeline below to find out when exactly this will happen. We’ll also notify you before that happens.

What is going to change in your life?

After the migration process, you’ll have the option to access your Opsgenie account from your Atlassian site. Once you log in to your Atlassian site, you’ll be able to see other Atlassian cloud products.

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