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Snooze an alert

Snooze action is only available on Standard and Enterprise plans.

Alert snooze functionality stops notifications of an (open) alert for a certain amount of time. You can snooze an alert via the Alerts page, alert details page, mobile applications, and Alert API (from REST API). Web API is deprecated.

When an alert is snoozed the alert's status becomes snoozed. All related notifications are stopped from that moment, such as Create Alert notifications and Renotify, Delay notifications from Notification Policies. This rule includes escalations- the alert will no longer be escalated after it's snoozed. This rule also includes delayed notification preferences.

What happens when the snooze ends?

When the snooze ends, the alert's status becomes open again. Opsgenie assumes that alert is just received and sends notifications according to it. If Kili was on-call when the alert was snoozed and Fili is on-call when the snooze ends, Fili receives notifications while Kili continues to fight his way to Erebor.

Some detailed info about snooze mechanism:

  • You can track snooze actions from the Alert Activity Log page.

  • You can snooze alerts up to one week.

  • An alert can be snoozed multiple times. It doesn't matter if the alert is in a snoozed state, or it was snoozed before and the snooze has ended already.

  • If you snooze an alert that is already in a snoozed state, snooze end date is updated with the new end date. This new end date can be sooner than the previous date or later.

  • If you snooze an acknowledged alert, the alert status becomes open and un'acked when the snooze ends and the notification sending mechanism will start again.

  • The snooze mechanism is cancelled when the alert is acknowledged or closed. There won't be any notifications when snooze ends.

  • Closed alerts cannot be snoozed.

  • Alert policies are applied only once when the alert is created. They are not applied again when the snooze ends.

  • Opsgenie stops sending notifications immediately, but you may receive the notifications that are already sent and delayed by tel-comm providers.

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