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View global incoming call routing data

This report contains the Incoming Call Routing dashboard.

This dashboard shows data for the incoming calls routed globally for a specified time period. It not only provides insight into overall incoming call routing, but the individual users who handled the calls.

Filters: Date, Status, From (number), To (number).


Incoming calls:
Total number of incoming calls routed.

Incoming Calls by Date:
Based on your Date filter, this Look shows a bar graph representing total number of calls per day during the time frame selected. Drill into each bar for a list of the alerts for that day to see the details which are the same as the Incoming Call Details listed below.

Incoming Call Details:
Includes all necessary data describing the call. Columns include Call date, From (number), To (number), Status, Call Duration, Answer Duration, Answering User, and # of Users Called.

Incoming Call Usage per User:
Includes data on incoming call routing by the users answering calls such as # of Calls Answered, # of Calls Missed, # of Calls in Total, and Total Answer Duration.

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