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View global on-call times per user

This report contains the 'Total On Call Times per User' dashboard.

Total On Call Times per User

Total distinct on-call times of each user during business hours and off hours, distributed over the specified date range.

Filter the chart by the date range, number of business days, and business hours. 


  • Total on call times per user
    This chart shows users’ distinct on-call time after discarding overlapping rotations and schedules. The maximum on-call time of a user cannot be greater than 24 hours per day. The business hour range filter indicates which time interval is counted as business hours. This filter will be applied according to the timezone of each user listed in the table, i.e, the viewer will see the on-call times of each user distributed according to the business hours of the listed user. Business day range is specified with numbers 1 to 7, starting from Monday.

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