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Delete an account

To delete your account, you need to cancel your existing subscription first.

Opsgenie accounts can be permanently deleted by account owners. Please note that the account deletion process is irrecoverable.

How to delete an account

  1. Go to Settings -> Billing -> Subscription page. At the bottom, you will see Delete my account option:

2. You will prompted to verification window. Confirm the deletion request:

Once you confirm the deletion request, all account owners will be informed about this request via an email. Please note that, any account owner can request deletion or cancel an existing deletion request.

A banner will be visible to all users in your account to inform about the deletion request.

Deletion process

Once the deletion request is confirmed, permanent deletion process will start after 48 hours. Your data from Opsgenie account services will be deleted within 30 days. However, based on the amount of data stored on your account, the required time for deletion might change.

Cancel deletion request

You can cancel your deletion request via the link given in the banner or from Settings -> Billing -> Subscriptions page within 48 hours.

Click Cancel deletion request to cancel the deletion request. When cancel request is successfully performed, there will be an informative message and the banner will disappear.

Account and customer logs will not be deleted immediately due to the legitimate business and legal requirements. These data will be stored internally with restricted internal access.

Additional Help