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HipChat user mapping in Opsgenie

Connecting Your Chat Account to Opsgenie

To execute alert actions as your Opsgenie user, you can associate your HipChat account to your Opsgenie account by using the /genie connect command.

After executing the command, you will be prompted to authenticate by clicking a URL.

An image showing how to connect a command for HipChat.

Next, you will be required to log in to Opsgenie if you are not already logged in. Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page where you can approve the creation of the connection to the HipChat account that executed the /genie connect command.

Please note that the link provided is a one-time use link and it expires in 15 minutes. If you try to use the link a second time or after 15 minutes you will get a "Token expired" message.

A screenshot showing where to approve connection to HipChat.

After matching your accounts, your actions in HipChat will appear as being executed by your Opsgenie user.

Chat account management

Managing your chat account using the chat commands

In your chat room you can check if your chat account has an associated Opsgenie account by executing the /genie connect command

If your chat account is not connected, you will be shown the message shown in the previous section

If your chat account is already connected, you will receive a message that shows the Opsgenie username and also a link with which you can disassociate your Opsgenie account

A screenshot that shows how to disassociate existing Opsgenie account.

After you click the link, you will follow a procedure similar to the one for connecting your accounts

This link is a one-time use link and it expires in 15 minutes as well.

An image showing where to approve connection to HipChat.

Clicking the approve button will remove the connection between your chat account and Opsgenie account

Managing your chat account in the Opsgenie profile page

If you have any chat accounts associated to your Opsgenie user, you will see a section called Chat Accounts in the User Profile page, otherwise this section will not be visible.

A screenshot that shows a chat account profile.

This section contains information about the type of the chat integration, the chat team name and the chat user name of each connected chat account

You can revoke the connection of your Opsgenie user to a specified chat account by clicking the x symbol.

Please note that your mapped chat accounts will persist even if your integration is removed.
There is no limit to the number of chat accounts that can be mapped to your Opsgenie user. However, you can only connect your Opsgenie user to a single chat user within a HipChat team.

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